Standing strong in the face of adversity

In a time when walking down the street as a black man can get you shot, black people don’t need the added betrayal of black leaders.

Miami City Commissioner Keon Hardemon (Chairman of SEOPW CRA) has betrayed the community of Overtown every step of the way. It has come to our attention that Hardemon is allowing the SEOPW CRA to shake down Human Resources of Miami, Inc.

Marcia Carty, of Human Resources of Miami , Inc., started a beautiful program “The Overtown Beautification Team”(Blue Shirts). The program attempts to give pride to Overtown residents by offering employment to clean trash from the streets. This type of employment sounds degrading to most adults, but when you are a targeted race of people you have to take what you can get. So the men of Overtown, unable to seek employment any were else, swallow their pride and take what’s available.

Keon hardemon betraying Overtown

Even in the face of so much adversity Hardemon keeps the Blue Shirts underfunded. In an attempt to create further chaos SEOPW CRA voted to increase wages of the blue shirt employees from $11 to $15 an hour. To add injury to insult a low-level SEOPW CRA employee discovered the misappropriation of funds between a high level employee of the SEOPW CRA and the Blue Shirts and began to extort the Blue Shirts for $300 a week

Keon hardemon does not stand with the community

At a recent SEOPW CRA meeting Hardemon forced an employee of the Blue Shirts to falsely admit that he was getting paid  $15 hour.

Rosenny Augustine community liaison for Hardemon agreed it looked spicious on Hardemon’s part. “The SEOPW CRA is supposed to monitor funds” Augustine said.

When asked to comment Hardemon’s office said they are not apart of the SEOPW CRA and would not comment.