Keon Hardemon Kills Another Black Business In Overtown, Miami

Keon Hardemon expresses his disdain for the Black community

Is there any limit to the destruction that Miami City Commissioner Keon Hardemon will cause to the Historical Black Community of Overtown, Miami.

Bradley Market as reported by the Miami New Times is another Black business that has been shut down by Hardemon. Bradley Market first open its doors in Overtown close to 50 years ago, and has remained leaders of the community. Promoting Black independence and Black economics. Unfortunately for the community Hardemon won a close race to represent them as their District 5 City Commissioner.

Hardemon comes from a background of destruction. A family legacy marred by corruption, jail, and drugs. Hardemon the former Public Defender seeks revenge against anyone who spoke out against his family’s corruption. This is how his disdain for the Black Community was born. The Hardemon family has now properly position themselves, and seems hell-bent on destroying the Community that sent some of their members to jail. There is a fox in the hen-house.

Hardemon mostly raised by his mother, a retired Miami City Police Officer, uses the Miami City Police Department as a weapon of destruction against Black owned business in the Overtown Community. Forcing businesses to violate the Constitutional rights of the members of the Community or be shut down.

For the past two years he has allocated over 1.5 million dollars for added Police Services. Allowing six Special Officers and one Commander to do what is called double dipping, which is illegal. Hardemon if not stopped in his efforts for reelection in November will end up killing everyone in Overtown.

Hardemon who is also chairperson of SEOPW CRA uses the tax funded proceeds belonging to the people against the people. The CRA gets $30 million a year for the Redevelopment and strengthening of Black people in Overtown. Hardemon uses this money to enrich his family and put his foot on the neck of Blacks. Overtown is crying out for help and protection.

Richard Corcoran, Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives flanked by the Hardemon’s

Some like Richard Corcoran, Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives, have heard this call. The Hardemon’s have started their powerful game of intimidation against Mr. Corcoran. Hopefully Mr. Corcoran will not fall victim.

The lawmakers in Tallahassee have started the process of dismantling Hardemon’s SEOPW CRA. Although the community appreciate any help it receives the action of dismantling the SEOPW CRA maybe a little overboard. The community is just looking for an action to have Hardemon removed.

Assistance State’s attorney Tim Vandergiesen initiated an investigation into the corruption of Hardemon. Focusing on his relationship with the Martin Luther King Economic Development Corporation.

Mr. Vandergiesen encourages anyone in Dade County to step forward in helping with the investigation of Hardemon.

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  1. Wow! Is there an editor for this article? The errors in grammar make it difficult to read. No offense to the writer, but if you can please have someone read over your articles prior to submitting, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks šŸ˜

    1. Thanks for your comment Justin. We are growing and need all the support we can get.

      1. I’ll edit it for you for free. Keep the news coming. The content is what’s important. It is informative and appreciated. You guys have to stay on top if this down there. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hey James, next time you want to post inaccuracies that depict something you have no examples of you should write your name so we’ll know you’re the author. This was the biggest disappointment I ever read. You list crimes yet leave us hanging on the details. We are aware that Overtown is prime real estate so we know why you try to destroy every black man who tries to make it better down there. Get a life!!

    1. I thought I was the only one reading this foolery thinking…”If only I could get past these typos and grammatical errors!”

      1. This reeks of paid attack-ad. Anyone with a brain and any real connection with Overtown knows this article is pure BS.

  3. This just the bullshit somebody who is not happy with what Mr. Hardemon is doing in the community putting out crap. People see it for what it is, some of the business in Overtown need to go, regardless, if they been there a hundred years. I don’t know about this grocery store but I look at Overtown now. It has a real grocery store in the heart of the community as well as plenty upgrades to the community. So, with that said I think he is doing what needs to be done to move the community forward. Some people sit on the sideline and just make judgments, yet don’t even go vote. I going to say to Commissioner Hardemon to keep doing what needs to be done. Overtown has to to grow and hopefully gentrification won’t take place, as rapid as it is going.

  4. This this article is full of erroneous fallacies of unfounded evidence. no comparison as to what the over town community has done to preserve its own neighborhood or the blacks that continue to live there to invest in redevelopment of the black area. Next godforsaken homeless and drug population in that area currently it has been existing for years prior to Hardemon becoming first black Commission or and/or commissioner for that area.

  5. This is so wrong he is scaming nd lying to these ppl and then taking their homes and then leaving tjem in the streets.. Hope they stop him and his team its so wrong most these ppl have kids and they not doing anything wrong..

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