Keon Hardemon Takes Property From Black Owners In Overtown, Miami

SEOPW CRA conspired with trustee Barry Mukamal to take Larry Williams property.

It is a well known fact in Overtown that if you own a Home, Business, or Property and you are Black your days of ownership in Overtown are numbered. And it’s all being done by a Black man, Commissioner Keon Hardemon.

For some time now Hardemon has been using the  SEOPW CRA to wrestle control of Black ownership out of the hands of Blacks and into the hands of Cubans and Whites. Just ask the home owners of Town Park.

You ask yourself how can Hardemon seize control of property? The answer is 40 year recertification. So much property south of 14th Street has been taken it is a crime. Hardemon should be put in jail!

40 year recertification starts like this. The City of Miami will mail a letter to owner of the property informing them that they have been selected for a 40 year recertification. Then you have to hire a architect or engineer to utilize the procedural guidelines for building recertification available to you online. These recertifications start at $75,000.

You are then required to submit a completed recertification Report within ninety (90) days from the date of notice. Mail the report with the required fee of $375.00, in a check made payable to Miami.

The checklist of things that has to be fixed or installed are Foundation, Roofing Systems, Masonry Bearing Walls, Steel Framing System, Floor Systems, Concrete Framing Systems, Windows, Wood Framing, Electric Service, Branch Circuits, Conduit raceways, and Emergency Lighting.

Is Keon Hardemon greedy?

Once you finish with all the requirements you will be in Bankruptcy as in the case with Larry Williams. After Hardemon forced Mr. Williams into Bankruptcy the SEOPW CRA  conspired with the bankruptcy trustee Barry Mukamal and took Mr. Williams apartment building.

SEOPW CRA was created to protect the Blacks in Overtown. They are supposed to provide the funds to property owners to meet the 40 year recertification. Not conspire to take property for personal gain.

The problem that Mr. Williams had from the beginning is that his building was in the area the SEOPW CRA calls the entertainment district. This is soon to be a very valuable area in Overtown, and Hardemon wants it all for himself!



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