Should Black Suspects Be Beaten Before Tried…Compensation??

Damian “Damo” Thompson tortured by Miami-Dade Police receiving a broken jaw and black eye.

Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth. Damian “Damo” Thompson of Miami severely beaten by Miami-Dade Police will be compensated for his injuries and the false narrative given by the arresting officers will be dismissed. The arresting officers violated Florida Statue 784.03 and can be charged. This will bring Damo compensation for his injures.

Damo is charged with ambushing two undercover Miami-Dade Police Detectives. Fortunately Detectives Terrence White and Charles Woods are recovering from their wounds.

Unfortunately the Miami Herald story makes Damo, who is only a suspect, out to be Gang leader, Rapper, Killer. In all reality he’s a small young kid trying to build a career as an underground rapper. The narrative of what happened given by the Miami Herald and the Miami-Dade Police Department screams false.

The Miami Herald wants the public to believe that on March 27th 10pm (Monday night) two undercover officers were suspiciously hanging out in a Brownsville housing project, when they were ambushed by several shooters firing AK-47’s. One officer somehow miraculously managed to identify one of the ambushers as Damo. Leading to Damo’s arrest on March 28th (Tuesday morning less then 8 hours). When confronted by the arresting officers (Whose names are not give) Damo supposedly threaten the life of the two Officers and approached them with closed fist forcing the Officers to defend themselves. Rationalizing his broken jaw and black eye. Open and shut case right?

This type of brilliant police work is only seen in the movies. What happens in reality is that when there’s a police involved shooting in a poor community they normally grab the first person they see. Putting the weight of County and State government upon them.

For example suspects are detained in extremely cold facilities with minimal food. Told they are going to spend decades or longer in prison and then offered a deal of lesser time. Provided a public defender with an unbelievable caseload and no capacity to fight. After a year or so of this torturous treatment the suspect normally takes the deal!

Most times when it comes to a black suspect there is no investigation, just a rush to judgment. Cases involving a Black suspect the Police give a one sided story of guilt to be printed by local media and see on television damaging the suspects right to a fair trial.

Since the advent of the Police department this type of behavior has always existed. When it comes to the Black community Police departments are told not to respect the judicial process, as proven in court.

The hood of Paula Johnson’s car showing two bullet holes

Paula Johnson, a young woman of Miami, fleeing the scene of a nonviolent crime when two Miami-Dade Police Officers fired multiple shots into her vehicle. This type of reckless endangerment is a serious violation of procedure. Paula Johnson will receive compensation for the actions of these two reckless Officers for violating  Miami-Dade Police Department procedure.

Again we have the media getting involved to corrupt the situation even further. Jessica Holly channel 7 reporter falsely claimed on television that the officers did not discharge their weapon as evidence prove otherwise. Jessica Holly has shown herself to be untrustworthy and a liar. She takes away from The credibility of Channel 7.

Karen Curtis news anchor of WFTL was quoted as saying the Officers would have been Justified if they had killed Ms. Johnson. Not only is Karen Curtis spreading a racist views, but she doesn’t know department procedure. Department procedure says if an Officer can move out of harms way the Officer is to move without firing their weapon and endangering the public.

This is the type of crucifixion that Black people are exposed to when it comes to the media and the Police.

Orlando Police removed the eye of Markeith Loyd

Guilty before proven Innocent! Markeith Loyd is a victim of brutal Police brutality. Like always Police operating with no regard to Black life, little evidence, and a rush to judgment.

Mr. Lloyd and Mr. Thompson are accused of vicious crimes we don’t know if they are guilty or innocent. That is not the point we are trying to make. The point we are trying to make is that everyone in this country is protected under our Constitution. Everyone in this country is to be afforded their day in court. Not just illegal immigrants. Now after that only God can help them, innocent or guilty.

Shelby Police Officers handled mass murderer Dylann Roof with kid gloves. and protection.

When there’s a black suspect they are viciously attacked or killed. When there’s a white suspect they are fed Burger King. Mass murderer Dylan Roof was handled with kid gloves while he admitted to killing 9 Black people in a Charleston, South Carolina Church.

As a minor Kalief Browder was tortured in Rikers Island

Kalief Browder was arrested when he was 16 years old. He spent three years as an innocent man in a New York City Jail, Rikers Island. He was a minor accused of a crime by a witness giving conflicting statements. He was not handle with kid gloves, he was tortured and starved. You can rest assure he did not enjoy Burger King at anytime.

In the end his only crime was not taken the plea deal offered by  Robert T Johnson, Bronx district attorney. Unfortunately Kalief Browder is no longer here with us. In death he will be compensated for the crimes committed against him.

Which leaves us with the question. Why hasn’t Robert T Johnson the Bronx district attorney been charged with malicious prosecution? He committed an atrocious crime against Kalief Browder and he should pay.