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Is Arthur Falcone A Creep?

Arthur Falcone begged Blacks for millions and gave nothing in return.

Arthur Falcone Chairman of the Falcone Group located in Boca Raton is a certified Creep! After years of kissing the behind of Overtown residents and giving false promises, he has proven himself to be what we all knew he was, a Creep.

There wasn’t a day that went by that Arthur wasn’t begging Black people for money to start his Miami World Center project. He is not alone in the creep department. He is accompanied by his junior junior partner Nitin Motwani.

Nitin Motwani is willing to sell his and his family’s integrity

Nitin Motwani maybe the biggest creep in Miami. Even outdoing his mentor Arthur Falcone. Nitin spent a significant amount of time in the streets of Overtown kissing babies, shaking hands and spreading lies. Promising jobs that never came true.

We are even puzzled at how Nitin can sit on the board of the Downtown Development Authority (DDA) and be a major developer in the city, receiving City funds. The corruption runs deep in Miami.