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House Negro Power!

Black faces white power. Keon Hardemon, Alonzo Mourning (center)

Upward Mobility… it’s a strange phrase it alludes to the disconnection of community.¬† Does a person of upward Mobility have to put there culture behind? The illusion of the answer would be yes. Any person that is weak will lose their identity in movement. A person like this is historically referred to as a house negro.

In every culture nature produces a certain segment of the population that would be considered house negro, but nature also keeps itself in balance. African American communities in the United States has always been kept unbalanced. In the face of extreme adversity the strength of Black people has always  compensated for this unbalance.

The three most determining factors in the destruction of our community is integration, drugs, and the penal system. These three factors has given our community a 50+ year old blow that we have yet learn to recover from. The end of reconstruction and the advent of Jim Crow put our community in the vicarious position of enjoying the fruits of our labor. African American communities begin to grow and prosper. Becoming Black Wall Street all over the country.

Just like the once-powerful Negro baseball league the African-American Community was destroyed by integration. Before integrating  the community held its brightest talents, Doctors, Lawyers, Business people.

Alonzo Mourning(center) is the face of white power in Overtown

What is a house negro? In any community a weak person injected with the sense of upward mobility equates to a house negro.

That brings us to the present day and the SEOPW CRA (Overtown CRA). One can argue that the Overtown CRA is being led by a house negro, Miami City Commissioner Keon Hardemon. We have witnessed the disdain on Hardemon’s face when question by Back people of the community. We have seen the disdain in his action towards the black community in underfunding Black projects.

Hardemon sole interest seems to be do to promote his self in a flattering way to the white community in order to promote a career after his brief play in politics.

Lawyer Jaret Davis (center) of Greenberg Traurig does not mentor Black Law students

Attorney Hardemon focus is more directed in integrating his Lawfirm into downtown Miami without noticing business opportunities in Overtown and Liberty City. His Law Firm’s office is a downtown post office box. We hope he’s not seeing clients on City property, that would be illegal.

Hardemon is a smart young man that could have a law firm in Overtown or Liberty City at the snap of his fingers. He could serve a community that is undeserved by legal professionals. There is not one Black Law Firm in Overtown or Liberty City.

Hardemon would immediately have thousands of clients that are in great need. Instead he cuddles up to Jaret Davis at Greenberg Traurig and other Black men that ignore our community.

We are encouraging strong men and women to bring notice to these types of actions. We cannot afford to lose any talent. We must collectivize ourselves and strengthen our base. Overtown CRA only objective should be to empower Black business, which in turn will empower Black people.

That is the reason why the Overtown CRA was created.