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Moishe Mana Brings Lies And Destruction To Overtown, Miami!!

He’s being called Trump Jr., Moishe Mana

Moishe Mana, Jewish businessman, is now focusing his attention on Overtown with a destructive disrespectful eye, that will only be rivaled by Interstate 395. Being an Israeli Jew Moishe knows about death and destruction.

The oppressive story of the Jew is a story known by all. Their story of struggle is even mentioned in the Bible. Some even say they are God’s chosen people.

With such a strong religious history what would make a wealthy Jew like Moishe become so destructive to the only other people with a stronger history of oppression, the Blacks.

For months we sat down with Mana Wynwood to offer programs that would help Blacks in Overtown grow and not be displaced. To say the least we wasted our time and money. Moishe had no concern for the lives of Blacks in Overtown.

Dylan Finger, Moishe Mana’s managing director, is a South African that shows no respect for Blacks. The same as he did in apartheid South Africa. Mr. Finger laid out the plan for the destruction of Overtown with a confidence that only comes from years of discrimination and disrespect.

“I do not want followers who are righteous, rather I want followers who are too busy doing good that they won’t have time to do bad” -Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Kotzk.

Will the Jewish community turn a blind eye to these crimes against the Torah?

Dorsey Park, Black History disregarded!

One of the first targets of destruction by Moishe in Overtown will be Dorsey Park. The famous Dorsey Park once home to the Negro League will be destroyed.

Moishe, building a sports complex adjacent to the park on property he now owns, has plans to turn Dorsey Park into a soccer field. This is a slap in the face and an insult to the Overtown community for an outsider to even consider.

Dunbar Elementary is to be Destroyed

The second victim that will fall to the destruction of Moishe will be Dunbar Elementary. Moishe plans to destroy the school to build a road to access his Wynwood project. Another insult to the community of Overtown.

What makes Moishe think that the Blacks in Overtown will value his project more then the stability of their children? I will tell you what. His meeting with religious and political leaders of Overtown.

Keon Hardemon keeping Blacks in their place

Commissioner Keon Hardemon was the first on the list to hold privet meeting with Moshe, to plot the destruction of Black people in Overtown. The corruption of Hardemon by Moishe started with Moishe’s $7.5 million dollar gift to SEOPW CRA. A gift that just came from nowhere.

Hardemon running for reelection in November has been bought and sold. Hardemon looks to powerful businessmen like Moishe to help him stay in power, in return he sells out his people, his community, and his soul.