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$538,810 was taken from Town Park Plaza North

City of Miami Commissioner Keon Hardemon will not stop his path of destruction until he is put in jail. Hardemon calls himself the developer of Overtown. The only problem is, he is using tax payers money.

It is against the law for a politician to use tax payers money to promote their own personal agenda. This is why most of the District 5 Commissioners have went to jail, betraying the peoples trust.

So where did Hardemon get the $538,810 from? The good people of Town Park Plaza North.

Yes that is correct! Hardemon de-allocated $538,810 from Town Park Plaza North. This money was for the renovation and rehabilitation of residential units and common areas. Town Park Plaza north a residential housing complex built in 1973 and consists of 20 buildings and 168 condominium units.

The condition of Town park Plaza North as cited by the SEOPW CRA poses significant risks of health and safety to it’s occupants and in need of extensive rehabilitation as evidenced by structural cracks, unsecured railings, deteriorating plumbing, rotting wood, and outdated electrical wiring.

The money allocated for Town Park Plaza South and Town Park Village are now up for grabs.

Hardemon will enjoy the good life at your expense.


So what did Hardemon need this money for? His restaurant of course. The building that we reported Hardemon stole from Larry Williams; Hardemon is now turning it into a restaurant, and he is using your money to do it.

It must be good to be the King!

Hardemon says His restaurant will create jobs within the community, improve the quality of life for residents, restore the community and unify the area culturally.

So I guess all is not lost. You can serve him burgers while he, his lovely family and close friends demonstrate culture.

Now we have to ask ourselves how come United Architects, Inc., the company providing architectural services for this proposed commercial development located at 925 NW 2nd Court, Miami, Florida, didn’t have to go through the Request For Proposal (RFP) process..?

That’s a question that will be answered in another post; after we talk about Michael Simkins and how Hardemon is extorting him!